“The West Virginia Judicial & Lawyer Assistance Program (WVJLAP), established by Rules of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. is a free and confidential service providing help to lawyers, judges, bar applicants, law students and their families, who are struggling with any number of mental, emotional and physical health issues, ranging from depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, burnout, substance abuse, codependency, process addictions (i.e. sex, gambling, eating, etc.), as well as aging and retirement issues.” “Being that members of the legal profession suffer from mental, emotional and substance abuse issues at 2 to 3 times that of the general population, most States now have established and funded programs to provide direct assistance through consultation, education, intervention, evaluation, referral to medical/clinical resources, continuing care, monitoring & peer support, thereby assisting in efforts to protect the public and maintain the health and integrity of the profession.” You are helping your judicial and lawyer colleagues through the largest total grant award ever made by the WV Bar Foundation. The Board of Directors has made a financial commitment of $25,000 to WVJLAP—$5,000 per year for five consecutive years. The quotations above are contained in the current grant application for the third year of funding. As reported by its Executive Director Robert Albury, Jr., “WVJLAP will be hosting its first Annual Retreat for Board Members, Volunteers, Clients and bench/bar supporters April 2019 at Stonewall. As well as our 2nd Quarterly Board Meeting this retreat will also provide CLE opportunities, peer volunteer training and a networking opportunity for all involved.” With your personal involvement and financial support, WVJLAP will continue to assist WV judges and lawyers when they need its valuable assistance.

      The WV Bar Foundation Board of Directors expresses its utmost appreciation to outstanding members of the judiciary and the legal profession who made generous gifts to support the grants program at the end of 2018. Their tax deductible charitable donations will be used for Bar Foundation grants to improve the administration of justice and the provision of legal services for our State’s citizens. These extraordinary donors, all of whom are Bar Foundation Fellows, are: U.S. District Court Judge Fred Stamp-Wheeling Hank Lawrence-Bridgeport WVU Provost Joyce McConnell-Morgantown WVU Law School Professor Marjorie McDiarmid-Morgantown Richard “Dink” Yurko-Bridgeport David Morrison-Bridgeport Bar Foundation Immediate Past President Ken Gray-Morgantown John File-Beckley Anne Harman-Wheeling A tremendous Thank You to these superb leaders! ___________________________________________________________

        The Bar Foundation Board of Directors hopes that 2019 is the best year ever for you, your family and your legal and judicial colleagues!