The Bar Foundation Board of Directors is extremely pleased to announce that the Justice Fund, the endowment fund for the organization, has attained its stated goal of One Million Dollars!  
This important accomplishment occurred through the strong leadership of numerous outstanding judges and lawyers who have served as Board of Directors members and by a large number of supportive judges and lawyers who have made charitable contributions over many years–with the last extraordinary philanthropic commitment being made by the Anonymous Donor in the past two years.  
In 2012, the Bar Foundation Board initiated the Justice Fund with the proceeds from the sale of the two buildings it had owned in Charleston and had leased to the WV State Bar and the WV Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel for their offices. A couple years later, the Board set a goal of One Million Dollars to have a guaranteed source of money for Bar Foundation grants for its mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services for WV’s citizens.  
The Justice Fund slowly and steadily grew through charitable contributions and smart investments until the Anonymous Donor made a magnificent financial commitment with monthly payments over a two year period, beginning in July, 2019. With those payments, it was projected that the Justice Fund would reach the One Million Dollar goal by the latter part of 2022.  
But, then, the Anonymous Donor made two unbelievable proactive decisions; first, by doubling the amount of the monthly payments in January; and second, by disbursing the entire remaining amount, last week, so that the Justice Fund attained $1,006,670, as of February 26, 2021!  
The Bar Foundation Board of Directors expresses its utmost gratitude to all the members of WV’s judiciary and legal profession who have provided guidance and support in progressing toward the One Million Dollars as the Justice Fund goal, with extra special appreciation to the Anonymous Donor for getting it done!  
Thank You!