BOARD OF DIRECTORS-   In December, the Bar Foundation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting by Zoom and took action on the following matters: Approved the Financial Report for the first five months of the fiscal year.Discussed the Independent Audit for the 2020-21 fiscal year with accountant Derek Godwin, held an Executive Session and approved the clean audit.Reviewed the favorable Justice Fund annual report from Jamie O’Connor, Financial Advisor, including changes in the various accounts and agreed to recommendations from the Justice Fund Committee.Approved the recommendations from the Nominating Committee for the judges and lawyers nominated to be members of the 2022 Bar Foundation Fellows class, who will be honored at the April 21 Fellows Dinner, along with previously selected carryover Fellows.Received reports on the activities of the Grants Committee and the Website Working Group.   _______________________________________________________   NEW BOARD MEMBER-   The Bar Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Teresa McCune (Williamson), a Bar Foundation Fellow, has been appointed to serve as a Board member.   The Board received the resignation of Ron Tucker (Fairmont) and took action during its December meeting. Ron, a Bar Foundation Fellows, informed the Board that family health situation and retirement from the practice of law necessitated that he resign from his Board position.   The Board of Directors currently consists of the following members of the judiciary and the legal profession: M. Christine F. Morris, Esq.                                  President                                        Charleston   David A. Jividen, Esq.          Vice President              Wheeling Lucien G. Lewin, Esq.       Secretary/Treasurer             Martinsburg Judge Jack Alsop       Webster Springs Ellen S. Cappellanti, Esq.         Charleston Teresa J. Dumire, Esq.        Morgantown Judge Patrick M. Flatley          Wheeling Ann L. Haight, Esq.        Charleston Debra A. Kilgore, Esq.        Princeton Teresa C. McCune, Esq.       Williamson C. David Morrison, Esq.         Bridgeport Judge Joyce H. Morton     Webster Springs Gerard R. Stowers, Esq.       Charleston Dean John E. Taylor, Esq.         Morgantown W. Tracey Weber, III, Esq.            Weston _______________________________________________________   GENEROUS DONATION-   The Bar Foundation Board of Directors expresses its sincere appreciation to Todd Mount (Madison) for his generous donation to support the important work accomplished by the Bar Foundation.   Todd, a Bar Foundation Fellow, made the tax-deductible contribution in honor of several of his friends and colleagues upon their selection as Bar Foundation Fellows.   _______________________________________________________   UPCOMING BAR FOUNDATION DATES:   Bar Foundation Fellows Dinner – April 21, 2022-Save the Date Lawyers Leadership Institute – May 20-22, 2022 Lunch & Laughs with a Legal Legend – September 9, 2022-Save the Date   ‌