NOMINATIONS FOR FOUNDATION FELLOWS – REMINDER   Hopefully, you read our November 2 notice advising you that, “It’s that time of year again when we look ahead to our 2022 Foundation Fellows Class.”   Now it’s up to you!   The West Virginia Bar Foundation is always so proud of its roster of Foundation Fellows – those members of the profession who both epitomize in their personal and work lives what is best about being a lawyer and who strongly support the efforts of the Foundation to energize its philanthropic goals.   So think about this again: Now it’s up to you!   Look around you. Think about the other lawyers with whom you are acquainted. Make an appropriate nomination.   If you are a Foundation Fellow, we look to you to make those nominations.   So do what a couple of your brothers and sisters have already done: Send an e-mail to our Executive Director Deb Scudiere at Include the name and address of the person whom you would like to nominate. If you have questions, you can also give Deb a call at 304 282-2462.   Please submit an appropriate name by Tuesday, November 16, so that our nominating committee can review the list and make recommendations to the Board at its December 2 meeting.   Thanks for giving some thought to this very important task.   Do it now. Don’t wait.     ‌     ‌   ‌     ‌     FacebookTwitterPinterest