GREAT LEADERS MAKE OR BREAK AN ORGANIZATION   Our President Christy Morris has been very busy lately with the business of The West Virginia Bar Foundation. In August and September she was deeply involved first with the planning of the Lunch and Laughs with a Legal Legend event and, ultimately, with the extended discussions as to whether it was a good idea to go forward with the Lunch. Through her guidance, the decision was made to push this year’s Lunch to next year because of concerns with the COVID situation.   Our President has lately been leading our Website Working Group, including Board members Teresa Dumire and Ann Haight, as the Group looks at updating the Foundation website. Making the site more accessible, simplifying the content, and figuring out easier ways to process donations and register for events are at the top of President Morris’s “website wish list.”   Mixed in with those activities are Board meetings, Audit Committee meetings, and other Foundation concerns. President Morris takes her leadership duties seriously while still appreciating the overall philanthropic goals of the Foundation.   Thanks go to President Morris and all the other Foundation Presidents who have preceded her for their dedication to the good work of the Foundation.   ‌