On November 30, 2018, the Investiture Ceremony for U.S. Magistrate Judge James Mazzone was held before an overflow crowd at the Federal Courthouse in Wheeling.
Pictured above are the members of the Federal Judiciary for the Northern District who were in attendance for the auspicious event. Seated are Chief Judge Gina Groh and Magistrate Judge Mazzone. Standing from left to right are Chief Judge Edmund Sargus, Jr. (Southern District of Ohio), Magistrate Judge Robert Trumble, Judge John Bailey, Magistrate Judge Michael Aloi, Judge Thomas Kleeh, Judge Fred Stamp, Judge Irene Keeley and Bankruptcy Court Judge Patrick Flatley.
Remarks regarding the legal, judicial and community accomplishments attained by Judge Mazzone, were made by Judge Stamp, Judge Bailey, Judge Ronald Wilson (Northern Panhandle Circuit Court) and Wheeling Attorney Robert McCoid.
Judge Mazzone, who had a distinguished career as a lawyer before serving admirably as a Circuit Court Judge in the Northern Panhandle for almost two decades, has been serving as Magistrate Judge since September. He thanked his parents, family members, lawyer and judicial colleagues, as well as his many friends from his lifetime of living in the Northern Panhandle. Judge Mazzone is a Bar Foundation Fellow.
Congratulations to Magistrate Judge James Mazzone!

The WV Bar Foundation and its Board of Directors expresses its deep appreciation for the unbelievable donation of $25,000 that was made last week to support the programs and activities of the organization.
The check was received from a Charitable Trust stating that the unknown donor wished to remain anonymous and requested that the funds be used “Where it’s needed most.”
With the Bar Foundation’s top priority being the provision of grants to worthwhile charitable organizations in West Virginia, the donated money will be used to support the Bar Foundation’s mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to West Virginia’s men, women and children.
Hearty thanks to our extraordinary anonymous benefactor!
The Bar Foundation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting on Thursday, December 6, with a super majority of the fifteen members (three judges and twelve lawyers) actively participating in the discussions and the decision making.
The Board members went through the 2017-2018 Financial Audit and IRS Form 990 with the Independent Auditor, including its normal Executive Session. The audit was clean and unmodified, which is the best report that can be received.
There was also a report and review of the Justice Fund with the Investment Counselor. The Board members talked about the robust earnings generated in 2017, the use of money for a guaranteed loan agreement and the allocation of equities and bonds.
Actions were taken on recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee, including the Bar Foundation again supporting the highly regarded national We, the People constitutional program for high school students by serving as the Fiscal Agent within the state for the small number of financial transactions each year.
Additionally, the Board approved the judges and lawyers who will be invited to be members of the 2019 class of Bar Foundation Fellows as well as approving the Financial Report for the first five months of the 2018-19 fiscal year.