The Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic at the WVU College of Law used its law students and faculty members to put together a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Sophia in southern West Virginia. After a multitude of meetings, extensive research, surveys of citizens and needs assessment, the Clinic presented its report and recommendations, which has become the planning document for Sophia’s future.
The seven critical issues highlighted in the Plan were lack of economic opportunities, abandoned and dilapidated housing, need for recreational facilities and activities, lack of land use planning, lack of transportation options, effectiveness of community services and lack of community involvement.
The Comprehensive Plan has become the blueprint for action for Sophia to further its vision of ” a bustling downtown business district, local historical attractions and easy access to numerous tourism destinations.”
As stated by the Clinic, “A comprehensive plan can cost a community $20,000 to $80,000 with an outside consultant, depending on the size of the community and the complexity of the issues. Without planners on staff, or the ability to hire an outside consulting firm, towns will ask the Land Use Clinic for pro bono legal and planning assistance.”
The Bar Foundation has supported the nine clinics at the WVU College of Law, especially the work that is being accomplished with the opening of clinics located in Beckley in the southern part of the state. With your assistance, the Bar Foundation will continue and will expand its grants program for worthwhile endeavors, like the student legal clinics, that improve the administration of justice and the provision of legal services.
Thanks to You!

The Bar Foundation’s Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting on Thursday, June 7. The well attended telephone conference call included numerous governance actions—-the approval of the financial report and the budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year, the election of Officers for the coming year, strategic planning activities, committee appointments, as well as finalization of financial and staffing contractual agreements.
Elected as Officers for 2018-19 were:
President-Richard Ford, Jr.-Lewisburg
Vice President-Ellen Cappellanti-Charleston
Secretary/Treasurer-Mary Clare Eros-Shepherdstown

The Bar Foundation’s Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, June 7. The agenda consisted of reports from President Ken Gray and Secretary/Treasurer Mary Clare Eros and the election of Board members to serve three year terms on the fifteen member Board.
The newly elected Board members are:
Judge Mary Ellen Griffith-Princeton
Chip Shaffer-Madison
Judge Joyce Morton-Webster Springs
Gail Henderson-Staples-Huntington
Teresa Dumire-Morgantown