With those words, WVCAN Executive Director Emily Chittenden-Laird described the Bar Foundation grant which was recently awarded to the WV Child Advocacy Network to implement a forensic interview expert consultation pilot program. Pictured above, at the WVCAN offices in Charleston, are Caitlin Smith, Program Services Specialist and Bar Foundation Board Member Gerry Stowers.
As Caitlin stated, “this project will improve interviewing practice for the benefit of kids.” In addition, the grant for the pilot program “is especially important because the quality of the forensic interview can greatly affect the investigation, ultimately impacting children’s safety and access to justice. That’s why the integrity of investigations, starting with a neutral, legally-sound forensic interview is so crucial and why we need to invest in our forensic interviewers.”
A descriptive story shows the positive impact of the grant and the pilot program:

Jane has been a forensic interviewer at her child advocacy center since her initial training one year ago. She regularly interviews children who may be victims of abuse, and they all deserve a forensic interview that is trauma-sensitive, legally sound, and developmentally appropriate. Even though Jane participates in monthly online forensic interviewer peer reviews, half of her group is from the same training cohort and, therefore, just as new to this work as she is. She shared an interview with the group last month and got feedback, but she won’t present again for another four months. With an expert consultant, forensic interviewers, like Jane, will have the support needed to advance their practice. She will be able to set goals and benchmarks, then measure her progress with this consultant as she continues to work with the children in her community.

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Ellen Cappellanti (Charleston) and Patrick Deem (Bridgeport) made donations as part of the strong effort to increase the Justice Fund to $1 million from its current level of approximately $680,000, by December 31, 2017. With one million dollars, the Fund would increase annual grantmaking by more than double the present amount!
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