Earlier this month, the WV Bar Foundation Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting. Thirteen of the fifteen Board members, who are from all parts of the state and all types of law practice, were able to participate with several important actions being taken.

      First, the Board gave significant time to reviewing and discussing the 2015-16 annual financial audit and the IRS Form 990 with the Independent Auditor from Herman and Cormany, CPA. After going into Executive Session to receive any confidential information, the Board approved the clean audit. The audit financial documents will be placed on the Bar Foundation’s website in January.

      Second, the Board approved two grants to worthwhile organizations to improve the administration of justice. One grant was to the WV Lawyer Assistance Program to help lawyers when they are suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health difficulties. The total grant will be made over a five year period and is the largest Bar Foundation grant ever. 

      Another grant was provided to the Child Advocacy Center which serves Randolph and Tucker counties. The Bar Foundation has supported these Centers in several areas of the state as they work to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

      Finally, the Board made decisions regarding the operation of the Justice Fund and its ongoing fundraising campaign, as well as selecting the judges and lawyers who will be members of the 2017 class of Bar Foundation Fellows. 

      The next Board meeting will occur in March, 2017.    




      Recently, U.S. District Court Judge Fred Stamp (Wheeling) and his wife, Joan, made substantial financial contributions to the Bar Foundation, which will be utilized for Bar Foundation grants.

      Their generous charitable donations, the third largest personal donations in the Bar Foundation’s history, will greatly assist in achieving the Bar Foundation’s mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services for our state’s citizens.

      The Bar Foundation expresses its utmost appreciation to Joan and the Judge for their beneficial support and commitment!






       A recent report confirms that 94% of all Americans did a philanthropic act in the past year.

       It has also been reported that approximately one third of all donations and contributions are made each year during the month of December!

       As you consider giving money to charitable organizations at this time of the year, we hope that you will make a tax deductible payment to the WV Bar Foundation and to its Justice Fund. Your donations will be used to provide grants to further the mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to WV’s citizens.

       This past year, Bar Foundation grants exceeded $40,000, the largest amount since the first grant was made in 2004!

       Donations can be made by check to the Justice Fund (WV Bar Foundation, P.O. Box 4845, Charleston, WV 25364) or use your credit/debit card through the simple PayPal donation process on the Bar Foundation’s website—

       Please give now to support the Bar Foundation and Justice Fund grants!


       The West Virginia Bar Foundation and the fifteen judges

and lawyers who serve as its Board of Directors wish you a very

Happy New Year!

       May 2017 be the best year ever for you, your family, your colleagues and your communities!