The judges and lawyers who are Bar Foundation Fellows and Members, as well as the general public, continue to increase their usage of the Bar Foundation’s website—-wvbarfound.org

        The most recent statistics show that more than 92,000 individual visits were made to the website in the past twelve months with November, 2015, and February, 2016, being the most heavily used months and March, 2016, being the least utilized month.

         More than 567,000 hits occurred within the past year for a total of more than 11 million kilobytes of information viewed.

         Keep using the website—it is the best source of information regarding the WV Bar Foundation’s activities and services!         



BAR FOUNDATION BOARD MEETING       The Bar Foundation Board of Directors will hold its quarterly meeting on Thursday, December 1.

      The diverse Board, which consists of two judges and thirteen lawyers from all parts of the state and all types of law practice, will have a full agenda with action to be taken on the annual independent audit, the selection of the 2017 class of Bar Foundation Fellows, the awarding of Bar Foundation grants, Justice Fund activities and other policy matters. 

       The Board meets by telephone conference call as the most effective and efficient means for policy making and governance.




     During the month of November, the committees of the Bar Foundation will be holding meetings in preparation for the December Board meeting.

     Each of the fifteen Board members serves on a specific committee.

     The committees are Audit, Foundation Fellows Nominating, Grants, Justice Fund, Nominating and Strategic Planning.