The WV Bar Foundation’s Board of Directors has selected its Officers to serve from June, 2016 to June, 2017. The three Officers represent the diverse nature of the Board relating to their backgrounds, their legal careers and being from different parts of West Virginia.

The Officers are:

President-Jodie Boylen-Parkersburg
Vice President-Ken Gray-Morgantown
Secretary/Treasurer-Mary Clare Eros-Shepherdstown


The Officers serve as the Executive Committee for the fifteen member Board, as well as being the Audit Committee to review the annual independent audit of the financial records and the lengthy Internal Revenue Service Form 990, which are then given final consideration by the entire Board.

Congratulations to the new Bar Foundation Officers!



Five well known and well respected lawyers were elected to serve three year terms as members of the Bar Foundation’s Board of Directors on June 2, 2016.

These individuals are from all parts of the state and represent different types of law practice. As the policy makers for the Bar Foundation, they serve on the organization’s committees, concentrate on their fiduciary responsibilities, actively participate in Board meetings and events, as well as providing the necessary overall governance.

The new Board members are:

Ellen Cappellanti-Charleston

David Jividen-Wheeling

Christine Morris-Charleston

Gerry Stowers-Charleston

Tracey Weber, III-Weston


Congratulations to the new Board members!

These new Board members and the three Officers join with the other seven Board members, who are:

Richard Bolen-Huntington
Richard Ford, Jr.-Lewisburg
Judge Mary Ellen Griffith-Princeton
Professor Marjorie McDiarmid-Morgantown
Judge Alan Moats-Grafton
Kathy Santa Barbara-Martinsburg
H. G. “Chip” Shaffer, III-Madison



During its June 2 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the Bar Foundation’s annual plan for July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, to continue striving to attain its mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to the state’s citizens.

The Board will continue its three extremely successful major events—the Lunch and Laughs With A Legal Legend, the Bar Foundation Fellows Dinner and the Lawyer Leadership Institute. The Grants program will keep expanding with the Board approving a budget line item of $50,000, which includes the Public Service Scholarship to a qualifying student at the WVU College of Law.

The Justice Fund, an endowment account, has grown to more than $600,000 in the past two years. The Board agreed to expand the fundraising efforts to include all lawyers in West Virginia in order to reach the $1 million goal at the end of 2017.

In addition, there was serious discussion concerning the need to increase the number of lawyers in the underserved areas of the state. The Board plans to work with other interested parties to make progress on this important matter.



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