In just the past two weeks, a Judge and three lawyers have made tax deductible contributions to the WV Bar Foundation’s Justice Fund which makes grants to worthwhile state organizations to improve the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to WV’s men, women and children.

These fine philanthropic leaders are:

Judge John Bailey-Wheeling

Mary Clare Eros-Shepherdstown

Harry “Burr” Hatfield-Madison

Lisa Rose-Fairmont

A recent report confirms that 94% of all Americans did a philanthropic act in the past year.

It has also been reported that 28% of all donations and contributions are made each year during the month of December!

As you consider giving money to charitable organizations at this time of the year, we hope that you will make a tax deductible payment to the WV Bar Foundation Justice Fund.

Donations can be made by check to the Justice Fund (WV Bar Foundation, P.O. Box 4845, Charleston, WV 25364) or use your credit/debit card through the simple PayPal donation process on the Bar Foundation’s website—

Please give to support Justice Fund grants!