Volunteer service occurs every day in every community in West Virginia and throughout the world. For whatever reason, it seems that lawyers are leaders in volunteering their services to assist their fellow citizens.

Certainly, lawyers volunteer tremendous amounts of legal advice and guidance on a pro bono basis or on a reduced cost basis. Whether it is helping a low income person with their legal problems, reducing fees in legal cases or waiving all costs in a legal matter, lawyers undertake these types of selfless actions every day.

Then, our lawyers leave their law offices and donate their skills, time and efforts for community groups, organized sports activities, religious organizations, non-profit entities, etc. The monetary value and the personal commitment of these lawyers are almost beyond comprehension.

One easy way for lawyers and law offices to add an activity or participate in a new endeavor is through West Virginia’s volunteer agency, the recently renamed “Volunteer West Volunteer”. This state agency has the responsibility for matching volunteers with the needs that are so prevalent. Take a few minutes to visit the website—www.volunteerwv.org—-where you can learn of events in your local area that need volunteers. In addition, you can record the time that you give to volunteering.

A newer part of Volunteer WV is the nationally recognized Business Volunteer Council. This group of volunteer businesses from all parts of the state support the volunteer work of their staff members within West Virginia’s communities. Several law offices are part of the BVC, which has lifetime membership dues of $25.

Lawyers have a passion for helping others—with their legal problems and with their everyday difficulties in life. Volunteer WV provides an excellent opportunity for lawyers and law offices to give their time and their talent in making West Virginia a better place to live, work and play. Volunteer WV at www.volunteerwv.org