July, 2014

TO: West Virginia Lawyers
FROM: WV Bar Foundation
RE: 2014-15 Membership Dues/Contribution

As the philanthropic organization for West Virginia’s legal profession and justice system since 1988–a quarter of a century–the WV Bar Foundation is the leadership group for these activities:
• Providing more than $210,000 in grants in the past six years to worthwhile activities-student mock trials, civic education, child abuse/neglect prevention, health care directives, guardian ad litem education, etc., including the Public Service Scholarship for a West Virginia University College of Law student and the Lunch and Laughs with a Legal Legend special event.
• The Lawyer Leadership Institute for newer lawyers as leaders in the legal profession, their communities and the State.
• Bar Foundation Fellows to honor outstanding lawyers and members of the federal and state judiciary.
• A clean annual independent audit with approved financial best practices polices and IRS Form 990 compliance, as well as an Investment Fund with more than $500,000.
A 501 (c) (3) tax exempt entity, the Bar Foundation uses membership dues, donations and payments to continue its beneficial activities with its diverse fifteen member Board of Directors providing responsible governance.
Please become or remain a Bar Foundation Regular Member($50) or become a Lifetime Member($500) or make a tax deductible contribution and send check to Bar Foundation office or use PayPal on the excellent website -www.wvbarfound.org — for credit card payments.(BAR FOUNDATION FELLOWS ARE LIFETIME MEMBERS.)

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