Language Accessibility & Outreach Grant
The WV Bar Foundation Board of Directors awards grants to beneficial charitable organizations to improve the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to West Virginia’s citizens.   Last year, an innovative program received a grant to expand legal services to reach low income West Virginians who do not speak or read English fluently, or who have other limitations to accessing written materials. The project is being administered by Mountain State Justice, the statewide organization providing legal advocacy on behalf of low income West Virginians to ensure access to the civil justice system.   The grant funds have been utilized in the following manner: Interpretation services for client meetings. Translation of legal documents. Utilization of online accessibility services. Translation of outreach materials.   The COVID-19 virus pandemic delayed more specific immigration outreach, but a “know your rights training”, by video, is set for later this month with individual consultations immediately following via remote means.   The Bar Foundation commends Mountain State Justice for initiating this project to assist our low income citizens with understanding and pursuing their rights and responsibilities under the law.   The Bar Foundation thanks YOU for supporting the important grants program!    
The Bar Foundation expresses its deep appreciation to two Bar Foundation Fellows for their generous donations to support the mission of improving the administration of justice and the provision of legal services to West Virginia’s citizens.   U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Patrick Flatley (Wheeling) has made an extremely generous contribution. Judge Flatley, who is now retired, was selected as a Bar Foundation Fellow in 2019.   David Morrison (Bridgeport) also made a generous donation. He is currently serving as a member of the Bar Foundation Board of Directors and became a Bar Foundation Fellow in 2012.   Thank You to Judge Flatley and to David Morrison!    
The Bar Foundation Board of Directors conducted a lengthy quarterly meeting by telephone conference call on December 3.   The Board members, who are judges and lawyers from across the state and from all types of law practice, received an extensive annual audit report from the Independent Auditor, Derek Godwin, that was unqualified– the highest designation–for the July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 fiscal year. The Audit and the Internal Revenue Service Form 990 will be placed on the Bar Foundation’s website ( later this month.   In addition, an annual report from the Investment Advisor, Jamie O’Connor, revealed that the Justice Fund had a growth rate of approximately 20% in 2019 and is projected to gain approximately 5% in 2020-even with the detrimental impact of the worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic.   Also, the Board discussed its positive financial condition, the very successful Lunch and Laughs event in October which was primarily virtual, upcoming events, the Bar Foundation Fellows program and grant awards.     FacebookTwitterPinterest