These two words—passion and fervor—were used by the excellent law student recipients of the Bar Foundation’s Public Service Scholarship to describe their commitment to become lawyers providing this important type of legal services. Pictured above are second year WVU College of Law students, Emily Neely and Hannah Vogt, who divided the Scholarship again for the current academic year. Here is how they each described their first year of legal studies, their summer legal work, extracurricular activities and appreciation for the Scholarship.
              Emily Neely- “The WV Bar Foundation Public Service Scholarship has been invaluable to me as a law student. Since beginning law school, my passion has been for public interest work, and I feel confident pursuing this work specifically because of the financial support from this scholarship. It’s difficult to express in words how grateful I am for that peace of mind. During my first year of law school, I became highly involved in WVU Law’s Public Interest Advocates, Community Service Council, and Alternative Dispute Resolution organizations. At the end of my first year, I was elected Secretary for Public Interest Advocates, Vice President of Community Service Council, and Community Service Chair of our Student Bar Association. I likely would not have taken advantage of these opportunities without the support of my scholarship-I frankly would have been more concerned with my finances. Over the summer, I was able to work for Legal Aid of West Virginia in the Martinsburg office, and I learned how to give back to my community and meet its legal needs. I very much look forward to a career in public interest law!”
              Hannah Vogt- “It is with my deepest gratitude that I would like to thank the numerous Bar Foundation Fellows for their support of the Public Service Scholarship. I truly appreciate the opportunity to continue my legal studies with the assurance that the financial burden of my education will be lightened. This summer I had the privilege of working at Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard in Fayetteville, WV. Hamilton Burgess is a small firm serving southern West Virginia through its practice of bankruptcy, consumer law, and personal injury law. I primarily practiced in the area of consumer law and found it incredibly rewarding be able to provide clients with relief from unfair debt collection practices. The practice of consumer law provided me with a unique insight into the plight of many West Virginians and is an area I am highly interested in pursuing at the completion of my degree. Upon my return to WVU, I have been able to continue volunteering in the law school community. As a co-founder of the Well-Being Club, I have been able to utilize many resources and workshops to promote the mental, physical, and emotional health of the College of Law community. I have also continued working closely with the Access to Justice Commission in evaluating and improving the physical access to courthouses throughout the state. While serving as the treasurer of the Democratic Law Caucus, I have been able to stay engaged in the West Virginia political process while managing the club’s funds and reporting all of the club’s spending back to the State Board. Once again, thank you all for your support of the West Virginia State Bar Foundation Scholarship. Your continued support reinforces my fervor in pursuing a career in public services.”
          Congratulations to Emily and Hannah for their past accomplishments and for their future successes!
          Thank You for your support of the Bar Foundation and its Grants Program!!


          As we celebrate Veterans Day today, the Bar Foundation and its Board of Directors wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude to the women and men who have served in our Armed Services and who serve our country each and every day. Their sacrifices, no matter how small or how large, have enabled our citizens to live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave….” We thank you for your service. 

             The WV Bar Foundation Board of Directors will hold its quarterly meeting on Thursday, December 5, at 12:00 Noon. The Board, consisting of three judges and twelve lawyers from all areas of the state and all types of law practice, will meet by telephone conference call. The agenda items include the annual financial audit and IRS Form 990, grant recommendations, Justice Fund review and strategic planning activities.