The President of the WV Bar Foundation for 2019-20 is Ellen Cappellanti of Charleston, who is pictured above. Ellen was elected during the June 6 Board of Directors meeting. She has served as Vice President and as a member of the Grants Committee. Her plans for the upcoming year, which were approved by the Board of Directors, include the continuation of the Bar Foundation’s successful events–the Lunch and Laughs With A Legal Legend, the Bar Foundation Fellows Dinner and the Lawyer Leadership Institute–as well as the need for the Bar Foundation and its Board of Directors to be more proactive in grantmaking situations, that Board Members will receive specific documents for their utilization, that the Strategic Planning Committee will meet during the summer to consider sources of future revenue and that consideration will be given to possible sponsorship of Supreme Court Candidate Forums in the spring of 2020. Congratulations to President Cappellanti! BOARD MEETING The Bar Foundation’s Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting on Thursday, June 6. The well attended telephone conference call included numerous governance actions—-the approval of the financial report and the budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year, the election of Officers for the coming year, strategic planning activities, committee appointments, as well as finalization of financial and staffing contractual agreements. The most significant aspect of the meeting was the review, extensive discussion and action on an extraordinary opportunity relating to the Bar Foundation Justice Fund. There will be a formal announcement made on this matter once the necessary documents have been finalized. Elected as Officers for 2019-20 were: President-Ellen S. Cappellanti-Charleston Vice President-Harry G. “Chip” Shaffer, III-Madison Secretary/Treasurer-Mary Clare Eros-Shepherdstown ______________________________________________________________ ANNUAL MEETING
The Bar Foundation’s Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, June 6. The agenda consisted of reports from President Rich Ford and Secretary/Treasurer Mary Clare Eros and the election of Board members to serve three year terms on the fifteen member Board. The newly elected Board members, who will be serving their second three year terms, are: Ellen Cappellanti-Charleston Dave Jividen-Wheeling Christy Morris-Charleston Gerry Stowers-Charleston Tracey Weber, III-Weston