During the June 4, 2015 Bar Foundation Board of Directors meeting, President Steve White (Charleston)   reported on the achievements and accomplishments which had occurred during the July, 2014-June, 2015 fiscal year.

His comments included the 4th Lunch and Laughs with a Legal Legend with Professor Jack Bowman as the honored guest with the four annual events  having generated more than $40,000 for law student scholarships, the Bar Foundation Fellows Dinner in April where four judges and fifteen lawyers became Fellows, the 4th Lawyer Leadership Institute with 10 diverse newer lawyers learning leadership skills, the provision of almost $30,000 in Bar Foundation grants, including the Public Service Scholarship at the WVU College of Law, a positive budget year and a clean independent  audit.

He especially highlighted the important growth of the Justice Fund to more than $600,000 with a fund raising campaign to increase it to $1 million by the end of 2017.

The new Officers who will serve during the 2015-16 fiscal year are:

President-Ancil Ramey-Huntington                       Vice President-Jodie Boylen-Parkersburg                       Secretary/Treasurer-Ken Gray-Morgantown